Car Washing Dos and Don’ts

auto detailingSurely, you want to make sure that your car looks good as you are. The way to make sure your car looks good is by washing it properly and giving lots of attention to its details. But when it comes to detailing f your car, you probably have many concerns like the car washing chemical irritates your skin or that it is not eco-friendly or something. So what do you do then? Here are some dos and don’ts that can help you keep your car squeaky clean but not that bothersome.
Dos and Don’ts of Scratching Car Paint
When scratching paint, make sure you wear comfortable clothes without metal zippers or anything that can scratch your car. Also don’t forget to take off you jewelry before you start washing. Jewelry like rings, necklaces, watches and belts can also scratch your car’s paint.
Dos and Don’ts in Following Auto Detailing Instructions
Before using the car care product, make sure you carefully and completely read the instructions. They could have tips on you can optimally use the products and other special instructions for better results. A reminder, don’t use just any cleaner on your car’s paint or seats. Lysol and dishwashing liquid are not ideal for car cleaning. To be safe, better use actual car cleaning products.
Dos and Don’ts of Controlling Water When Washing
When washing, always use just the right amount of water. If you use too little water, then the soap might not work in how it should. If you use too much, the soap will be washed off before it work in loosening and breaking the dirt and dust on your car. Don’t just spray the water on your car in full blast when washing your car. You can hope it will get rid all dust and dirt but you will still need to soap.
Dos and Don’ts of Electric Car Dryers
When drying your car, you may want to use an electric car dryer. This is basically just a huge hair dryer for vehicles letting you blow all the water out of your car’s little crevices. With this, you can be sure to dry your whole car. This is better than driving off without drying your car after washing. Drying will make your car look nice and you won’t get sports.
Dos and Don’ts of Paper Towel Drying
If you don’t have electric car dryer, the technique is paper towel drying. In using paper towel, don’t rub or scrub. Let the towel absorb the liquid by laying a clean, dry paper towel flat on your car then patting down before pulling away. Repeat this process until your whole car is dry. As mentioned before, don’t rub or scrub the towel on your car of you will get streaks.
So these are simple tips to ensure that your car is washed and dried properly. With these little secrets, you don’t need to send your car to a car wash and just simply clean it yourself at home. Then you can save on time and money and even make sure your car is truly properly detailed.

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